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Golf Vacation Packages and Tee Times

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Golf Vacation

Golf vacation packages are one of the best travel values out there.  Think about it, travel professional and Golf pros have researched and collaborated with travel industry vendors, and put together a one stop easy purchase at an unbeatable price that includes your flight, resort hotel, rental car, rounds of golf, tee times & cart, all for one vendor discounted price.  If you tried to procure each of those items on your own you’ll soon find what a great value these golf packages are.  Play some of the best courses in the world including multiple course resorts.


Doesn’t sound like a thing for couples?  What about a Resort & Spa Golf Package that includes spa treatments at a world class luxury spa.  Get a massage, facial, throw in a little poolside relaxation, fine dining & dancing and you have the makings of a great couples get away where you are getting a lot of value for your money.  Sounds like a great way to unwind for a couple of days from the stresses of daily life, do some alone time as well as some quality time together as a couple.


These packages are popular and work great with small groups and multiple couples.  Resort accommodations often include multiple bedroom and condo style villas, as well as the high-end luxury resort guestroom and suites.  Those who have round up their friends and taken advantage of one of these packages usually will do it again because of the experience they received at such a great value.


These packages are available through online travel booking at Travel and other respected discount travel websites.

Las Vegas, Discount Travel Vacation Packages

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Vegas Travel  Las Vegas has a lot of great last-minute discount travel vacation packages that are dirt cheap but by the time you get done booking with the flight time you want, the nights you want and room category upgrades, you are no longer getting the advertised teaser price.  The best Vegas deals appear in the middle of the week with super early morning flights, that is why the teasers are so cheap.  VoyageMonkey staff on assignment recently stayed in Vegas at the Mirage Resort Wednesday night through Friday Night at an unbelievable low price.  Two weeks later we looked for this same deal for a client and could not find anything close on price.  The airfare had gone up and the disount deals were affected.  The point is, you need to check regularly and scoop up the Vegas deals as they come along.

Right now Vegas is so hot with entertainment it’s reinventing itself again as the entertainment capital of the world.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the past sell.  Now it’s adult entertainment with top headliners every day of the week.  Renowned executive chefs have opened doors to the swankiest of restaurants and the nightclub scene is outrageous every Friday and Saturday night.  You can still frequent the old school steak houses of Vegas like the Range Steakhouse at Harrah’s overlooking the strip.  Truly some of the best steaks in Vegas without all the trendy new restaurant hype, just a relaxing leather booth steakhouse with waiters still working there that opened the place and served Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra.  This is service and the steaks are absolutely the best around.

Shopping is totally out of control in Vegas with the Forum Shops at Ceasar’s, the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, the Grande Canal Shoppes at The Venitian and the Fashion Show Mall across from the Wynn.   This by far is some of the best fashion shopping around.  Girls weekends, high-end spa treatments, and relax by the pool.  Just keep yourself tuned into the the Vegas bargains regularly so that you don’t miss out on the “can’t pass up” last-minute getaways.

Mazatlan Mexico

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

MazatlanWe recently visited Mazatlan Mexico, checked out all the hotels, tried recommended dining and activities, and have a great article we’d like to share with you.  Anyone thinking of visiting Mazatlan as a vacation destination should view the article at  .  We have great recommendations on hotels, restaurants and activities.  The seafood restaurants are fabulous, and the prices are not jacked up too bad.  We found that Mazatlan was more affordable than some of the other popular Mexican beach resort destinations.  Our easy Mazatlan online travel booking makes it easy to get there.

River Cruises, The Hot New Travel Trend

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

River Cruises

River cruises have been around for a long time but recently they are gaining so much popularity among long-time cruisers and first-time newbies to the cruising world.  Europe and Asia are the most popular river cruise destinations right now.


Imagine checking into your hotel room and having that hotel room slowly travel down a navigable European river making stops in the center of cities and towns along the way.  Walk out the door in the morning and you’re in a new place, without packing & unpacking and the stress of traveling from place to place.  Sit on your private balcony and watch beautiful scenery go by.  No stresses of dealing with dining reservations, transportation, un-reputable tours, and the little details.  You’re able to enjoy multiple destinations in a relaxing manner.


The Rhine River and Danube River are the hot European river cruises with visits to fabulous cities such as Vienna, Budapest and Prague.  Popular Asia river cruises are the Yangtze River through China and the Mekong & Tonle Rivers in Cambodia and the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam.  The Yangtze cruise passes through the picturesque Three Gorges and other post-card landmarks.  It’s a very convenient way to see Asia since traveling in Asia can be very stressful to less experienced travelers.  It’s the best way to stay relaxed and enjoy a vacation intended to unwind you. 


It’s becoming easier these days to reserve your river cruise vacation with online travel booking websites which are now making more river cruises available online.  Recently there is a larger selection available and a lot of competition to bring prices down.  There are good floating hotels and bad floating hotels so don’t go by price alone.  Go with reputation.  Also consider the length of time.  It is helpful to compare your options on a price per day (per person) as well as a total.  Given a budget, it’s often better to go with a more luxurious cruise that is a few days less than the longer cheaper cruise.  Next vacation, think about a river cruise as an easy alternative way to see Europe or Asia.  Egypt is also a very popular river cruise destination that is gaining momentum.