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Barbados, Caribbean Island Sun and Fun

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Barbados Beach Vacation

Barbados is an excellent vacation getaway spot in the Caribbean.  For those seeking a great sunny climate and amazing white sandy beaches, Barbados is an excellent choice. If you’ve been thinking about a warm vacation to this Caribbean paradise, you can now find some very good discount travel deals from the United States.  Here are just a few of the things you can do and see in this area.

One of the first things you may want to do is tour the beautiful island.  If you don’t have a rental car, Safari Jeep Tours offers a convenient and easy way to see some of the amazing sights.  There are many advantages to these types of tours.  The four wheel drive vehicle will take you to beautiful out of the way and remote spots that tour buses can’t get to.  These Safari tours represent excellent value for your money, as they are full of exiting things to see and experience.  The tour will generally travel to the east and northeast parts of the island during your journey. You may choose a standard package that takes up to ten people on safari, or contact the tour company to schedule a private safari.  You will travel both on and off the road so some of the tour can get bumpy.  This may not be ideal for people with back problems or pregnant women.  Everyone else should have a great deal of fun.  The jeeps generally have seat belts and roll bars that are padded for your safety.  The tour is safe enough for children five years of age and older, and the driver keeps a first aid kit on the jeep.  Your viewing area in the safari jeep is open so you can get a great view of the island and plenty of photos.  The jeeps have tops to protect you from a sudden rain shower.  The tour company reminds you to bring your cameras as you will have some amazing photo opportunities on this trip.  You also should bring plenty of sunscreen and towels, in case you decide to swim or get wet from splashing waves.  The entire tour lasts about five hours. You will receive a lunch and snacks during your trip.

A lot of Barbados is beautiful sandy beaches but one area you can visit is a remote region known as Edge Cliff.  You can see some spectacular ocean views as the water splashes up against the shore rocks.  Watching the Atlantic come crashing into the rocks is much more than a beautiful sight.  You will feel the mist of the salt water and smell the warm ocean air.  It is a complete experience that is relaxing.  As you travel along the eastern shore you will come upon Bathsheba. This tiny fishing village is named for Bathsheba, the wife of King David. Her secret to great beauty is believed to be milk bathing, and the waters here resemble a milk bath, as they are rich in frothy surf, minerals, and aquatic life.  This area is a special hideaway treat that not all visitors get to experience.

Some discount travel deals may include activities like snorkeling or a catamaran cruises.  Otherwise, you can choose from many different snorkel or cruise packages once you arrive and most people enjoy these tours a great deal.  A catamaran represents a great way to see Barbados by water.  If you love to get into the warm water and snorkel, this is an excellent cruise to take.  It is also a great way to party and be with others who are having fun on vacation.  When you want a more complete tour package, consider booking a sea and land safari.  You will have an enjoyable jeep tour followed by a relaxing catamaran cruise.

If you love the night life and the party scene, you will want to visit the popular St Lawrence Gap. This stretch of road is less than a mile long but contains a large number of vibrant lounges, pubs, bars, restaurants and good things to eat.  There are some great places to stay near the Gap and this is the area to book your hotel if you want to be close to the action.  You will be within walking distance to all the hottest clubs and dining. You can find some nice places to shop in this area.  At the duty free shops you will find many fine items like cameras, clothing and perfumes.

Not far from the St Lawrence Gap is Dover, one of the most popular beaches on Barbados.  If you are planning a special event like a wedding the Dover area is perfect. You will see some breathtaking Caribbean scenery at Turtle Beach.  Be sure to check online for wedding packages to Barbados if you are planning a wedding. You may find some very good deals if you book your event far enough in advance.  Barbados may be the perfect place to have a winter wedding. It is a warm and relaxing getaway for you and all of your guests.  Forget about the cold winters with ice and snow.  You can have a wonderful wedding on the warm and lovely beaches while you enjoy the ocean.

If you would like to stay in luxurious hotels, you should consider staying in the south area of the island.  It is the oldest tourist area. You will find fewer hotels, but it is less crowded and has some very fine accommodations.  If you like being around people, considers the south part of the shoreline closer to the airport.  Staying in close proximity to the airport will make transportation cheaper and easier, and you may find some affordable discount travel deals for this region.  You can find plenty of nice hotels in this area. The beaches may be a little crowded at some times of the year, but it gives one the chance to mingle with people and make new friends.  Yet, if you like isolation, you can find hotels with plenty of privacy on this warm and friendly island.

If you wish to travel to Barbados, you can save a lot of money with online discount travel deals. Be sure to book far in advance to get the best airfare and lodging. Alternatively, one can sometimes find excellent packages that are “last minute” specials. Make sure that your airline ticket price includes the Barbados departure tax. Otherwise it is an added expense you will need to consider.  Be ready to book soon as you find the best package for you specific needs, as prices change regularly and available inventory changes.  Visit to start your travel search.