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The British Virgin Islands, Pristine Islands in the Sun

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

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Have you been eager to escape the daily grind of life for a relaxing vacation getaway to a tropical paradise?  There is a place waiting for you, the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Vacation travel to the British Virgin Islands will unwind you and create great memories in the process.  The climate is always warm and tropical, with a slight breeze and calm water. That feature makes BVI one of the top sailing and boating destinations in the world.  This string of lovely little islands is located in the Caribbean Sea near Puerto Rico.  There are a total of around 60 small islands.  Of these, there are only the four main inhabited island of Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, and Tortola.  Each of the islands is unique.  For example, the island of Anegada is only 27 ft. above sea level while the island of Tortola is mountainous.

The water is warm throughout the year, and it reaches up to 86 degrees in the late summer months.  This is ideal for water lovers and beach goers.  Swimming, snorkeling, diving, and most other watersports are the standard daytime activity of the islands.  The water is clean and clear, making it very inviting to jump in and enjoy.  You can enjoy the surf off the beach or choose to rest is the sunshine with a cool tropical drink.  Because you will likely spend so much time at the beach or in the water, be sure to use plenty of sunscreen and bring a hat.  The Caribbean sun can make you sun burnt on your first day and ruin your trip. 

The attraction of these islands is that they have not been over developed by tourism.  You can find some very nice resort hotels and modern conveniences while still maintaining a natural unspoiled island vibe.  Tourism is still very important to these islands, so you can find plenty of really good hotel accommodations online.  There are plenty of resorts to choose from. You can even book yourself in ultimate luxury and all-inclusive beach resorts.  You can take advantage of the spas, restaurants, entertainment and other amenities that these resorts provide.  Most of the hotels do a very good job of providing a tranquil tropical island atmosphere with ultimate relaxation.  Also, there is no confusing money exchange when you get there, as the U.S. dollars is generally an accepted currency.  As for tipping, around 15% is customary in most of the usual places.

With a choice of multiple islands, which island should you visit?  The largest and the most popular of the islands is Tortola.  Tortola has the most tourism, accommodations and activities than any other of the islands. You can enjoy some night life here as well as some of the local attractions like the historic forts of Burt or Rum tasting at the Callwood rum distillery.  A popular resort on Tortola is the 52 acre Long Bay Resort which includes onsite restaurants, shopping, fitness center, and other world-class amenities.  The next most popular of the British Virgin Islands is the island of Virgin Gorda.  Virgin Gorda is a good place to rest and relax, which is perfect for couples and honeymooners.  Most visitors to this island will experience a beautiful picturesque beach called the Baths.  The Baths feature large rock formations and huge boulders across the beaches that make up secluded shallow pools to discover and relax in warm clear waters. This is also a very popular place to snorkel through the caves that the rocks and boulders form.  Very nice hotel and resort accommodations are also available on Virgin Gorda.  If you are into luxury, you can find it here.

The other two inhabited islands are popular as day trips from Tortola or Virgin Gorda, because of the lack of accommodations for tourists.  The smallest of the islands is called Jost Van Dyke, which has a population of around only 200 locals.  You can visit this close by island by boat and go to the popular Diamond Cay National Park, a protected bird sanctuary boasting thousands of species of birds.  This island also offers popular reefs to snorkel and dive as well as trails to hike and small beach side restaurants.  The smallest of the inhabited islands is called Anegada.  It is a very flat tropical island that is only 10 miles long and 2.5 miles wide, with almost no commercial development or hotels.  The local inhabitants are friendly and welcoming to visitors.  You’ll find plenty of pristine secluded beaches and hiking to enjoy on your visit to this island.

The best way to really see the sites in the Virgin Islands is to sail or motor boat around the various islands.  This way you will see the best of all the sites.  You can rent a boat easily or hire a boat service or tour.  On land you can either rent a car for the day or find a driver or car service you can hire.  Renting a car yourself can be expensive and you must buy a local driving permit. For some, it is worth the freedom of not spending the day with a driver or being tied down by a tour.  Because these are British Islands, just remember that they drive on the left side of the road.  Fortunately there isn’t very much traffic in most places.

The peak tourist season in the British Virgin Islands is during the winter months.  Travelers wanting to get out of the snow and cold flock to the BVI for the warm tropical weather, so hotel accommodations will generally be more expensive this time of year.  If visiting in the winter, be sure to book your travel reservations early to assure a good hotel room and availability.  During the off-season you will find more availability and much cheaper room rates, particularly from August through October which is hurricane season in the Caribbean.  Rates are the lowest then, but you may have to cut your vacation short or cancel.  That’s when travel insurance becomes worth the added cost.

So check out the British Virgin Islands for your next vacation getaway.  It will be an island experience to remember and you’ll want to come back. Travel can help you find affordable hotel accommodations and flights.  Just visit our easy online travel booking site at  Click Here.