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Texas Has Hot Beach Vacation Destinations

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Texas Beach hotel accommodations, Texas Beach travel reservations, Texas discount travel, Texas cheap travel deals, online travel booking

 Texas Beach hotel accommodations, Texas Beach travel reservations, Texas discount travel, Texas cheap travel deals, online travel booking

When we think of Texas we often overlook the excellent beaches that are located along the Texas Gulf Coast. With over 600 miles of shoreline stretching from Louisiana to the Mexican border, there is no shortage of sand for beachgoers.  The Gulf Waters are clean and clear, the white sand is soft and warm.  Galveston Island, Corpus Christi, Padre Island National Seashore, Port Arkansas, and South Padre Island are home to some of the finest beaches, featuring year-round swimming and surfing, boating, kayaking and water sports, hundreds of fish and bird varieties for fantastic fishing and birding opportunities.  These destinations provide for an affordable beach vacation with wallet-friendly Hotel accommodations.  Visit Travel for hotel accommodations, flights and car rentals.

The City of Houston and the Galveston Bay Area has recently put itself on the map for nightlife, entertainment and restaurants. Sightseeing & shopping during the day and dining & dancing the night away in local restaurants & clubs makes for a perfect trip.  You’ll find many direct flights available to Houston from most major airports.  Galveston is a short 50-minute drive from Houston. Galveston is one of Texas’ historic cities, first settled by the Spanish in 1528.  Galveston Island offers many beach-going options and a host of beachside hotels. Galveston has 32 miles of beaches and beach parks. The Galveston Strand offers plenty of shops, restaurants and bars. The Seawall offers a 10-mile sidewalk which is great for biking and walking.  This trip is popular because it’s easy to get to and there is plenty to see and do when you are not at the beach.

A little over 200 miles heading southwest along the gulf coast of Texas you’ll find the popular beach destinations of Corpus Christi and the Padre Island National Seashore.  You can easily get flights into the Corpus Christi International Airport.  At Padre Island you’ll find long sweeping beaches along its 70 mile stretch.  You’ll find plenty of excellent restaurants known for their fantastic, fresh seafood.  Located at the northern-most end of Padre Island, Port Arkansas and Mustang Island feature white-sand beaches and a wide range of beachside hotels, shops, restaurants and golf courses. The laid-back beaches at Port Arkansas are very clean and litter free.  The Padre Island National Seashore is the largest undeveloped barrier island in the United States and is home to around 380 different species of birds and sea turtles. The seashore is mostly dunes so only the first four miles of the park is accessible without a four-wheel drive vehicle or a boat.  This beach area is great for nature lovers.

Around 175 miles south of Corpus Christi near the Mexican Border, South Padre Island is one of the top beach destinations along the Texas Gulf Coast.  You can easily find flights into the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport.  South Padre Island offers soft white sandy beaches, clear Gulf waters, nightlife, excellent restaurants, over 50 bars, and shopping, as well as beach front hotels and accommodations.  The temperate climate draws visitors year-round.  Every spring thousands of college students converge on South Padre Island for spring break.  Isla Blanca Beach Park has some of the best surfing in Texas.  The southernmost stretch of beach before the Mexican border is Boca Chica State Park, a secret spot away from the crowds where you can swim and fish in the clear waters and you can drive on the beach.  The nearby mouth of the Rio Grande at the border provides some of the world’s best bird-watching.  South Padre Island provides a great party vibe. Travel has an inventory of Texas Gulf Coast hotel accommodations to choose from as well as flights and car rentals.  Book your travel reservations now at