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Kauai Hawaii, the Garden Island Paradise

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Kauai online travel booking, Kauai hotel accommodations, Kauai travel reservations, Kauai cheap travel deals

Kauai online travel booking, Kauai hotel accommodations, Kauai travel reservations, Kauai cheap travel deals

Hawaii is the northernmost Hawaiian island and is located around 100 miles north of Oahu. This lush island paradise has been the backdrop for over 70 Hollywood films.  You’ll find plenty of activities, world-class resorts, fine dining, and white sandy beaches to enjoy on this island.  You’ll find many direct flights to Kauai from major US airports. Visit Travel for the best hotel accommodations, flights and car rentals. 

There are plenty of things to see and do on this island. Kayaking is popular on this island as it has many navigable rivers.  If you travel up the Wailua River you will find the Fern Grotto which is a popular tourist spot. People also enjoyed kayaking up the Hanalei River. For the more advanced kayaker and adventurer, a paddle along the rugged Napali Coast is the ultimate kayaking destination.  This secluded area boasts 1000 foot cliffs that drop directly down to the ocean and glisten with 1000 foot waterfalls. You can also visit this beautiful area by way of boat tour. Although there is a popular hiking trail into the Napali Coast it can be very dangerous so it is not recommended for the novice outdoorsmen.

On the southwestern part of the island you will find the Waimea Canyon.  Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, this reddish gorge is about 10 miles long by 1 mile wide and around 3500 feet deep from the canyon rim to the canyon floor.  The drive up to the canyon is beautiful and you’ll enjoy many panoramic views. Bring a camera because there are plenty of photo opportunities once you get to the canyon.  Just beyond the canyon you’ll reach the Kalalau Lookout overlooking the Kalalau Valley and the rugged Napali Coast.  The panoramic view is spectacular so you will want to take some photos here.  There are plenty of hiking trails in this area but the terrain is fairly rugged.

The outdoor activities on this island are endless.  You’ll find plenty of championship golf courses as well as tennis.  You can enjoy some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving around and there is outstanding surfing and wonderful areas for paddle boarding.  You can also enjoy deep-sea fishing.  You can bicycle around the island, rent a scooter or even rent a Harley-Davidson. But most of all we recommend enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches this island has to offer.  One of the most beautiful beaches on this island is Hanalei Bay. This long white crescent shaped beach stretches a couple miles along the edge of the historic town of Hanalei.

You’ll find plenty of excellent restaurants in the town of Hanalei as well as in Princeville, Kapa’a, Lihue and Po’ipu.  You’ll find everything from five-star fine dining to excellent taco trucks and food stands.  There are plenty of local hole in the wall restaurants that serve local island food and fresh seafood.  You’ll find plenty of burger joints around the island as well as pizza places and fruit stands serving fresh local grown delicacies. Your hotel concierge would be happy to make dining reservations for you or recommend a casual eatery.

The island has plenty of luxury hotels.  Most of these hotels are located in Po’ipu, Princeville, Lihue and Kapa’a.  In Po’ipu you’ll find the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa.  This is a lush luxury property with all the amenities you can ask for.  It has tropical grounds, lagoons and pools, as well as several fine dining restaurants.  In Princeville you’ll find the St. Regis Resort.  This resort has one of the most spectacular views anywhere.  The resort has a beautiful beach, large swimming pool, and fine dining.  Other recommended resorts include the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas the Marriott Kauai Resort Beach club and the Sheraton Kauai Resort.  If you need travel reservations for convenient flights and hotel accommodations to any destinations visit Travel.  You can book online or call our travel consultants who can assist you in planning your getaway.