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Tourists are Still Flocking to Popular destinations in Mexico

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Cancun online travel booking, Cancun travel reservations, Cancun hotel accommodations, cheap travel deals

Cancun online travel booking, Cancun travel reservations, Cancun hotel accommodations, cheap travel deals

Travel agents are seeing more Americans travel to Mexico again. With a favorable exchange rate, and a realization that tourist areas are generally safe, we are seeing travel to top resort destinations pick up. Many of these destinations have short flights making them a popular choice. The number of luxury resorts in these destinations makes Mexico a superb vacation spot. The most popular destinations in Mexico because of their safety, widely spoken English, and great accommodations are: Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. Visit Travel for the best hotel accommodations, flights and car rentals.

The resort area at the tip of the Baja Peninsula is known as Los Cabos. It is made up of the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. Between these two towns is the oceanfront stretch known as the corridor. While San Jose Del Cabo is more of a sleepy village, Cabo San Lucas boasts more action. Each of these towns has luxury resorts as well as the corridor. Most visitors prefer to stay in Cabo San Lucas on Medono beach because it is easy to walk around town. You’ll find a world-class marina surrounded by seafood and Mexican restaurants, as well as great shopping. You’ll find plenty of bars and nightlife as well as daytime activities. You can spend your day on the beach and enjoy plenty of water sports, like jet skiing, parasailing, and deep-sea fishing. There are many Americans and Canadians living in Cabo full-time, so most of the locals speak English. The local people are very friendly and treat the tourist very well. It is generally safe to walk around the town day or night.

Along the west coast of mainland Mexico along Banderas Bay you’ll find the lovely town of Puerto Vallarta. Just north of Puerto Vallarta lies the tourist destinations of Nuevo Vallarta and Punta Mita. These three areas along Banderas Bay are full of luxury resorts.  While Nuevo Vallarta and Punta Mita are a bit quieter, Puerto Vallarta has plenty of activities, attractions, nightlife, and fine dining. Most visitors prefer Puerto Vallarta for these reasons.  You can enjoy late-night dancing at one of the local nightclubs and discos. The Malecon is a beachfront pedestrian walk which is a popular gathering spot to watch the beautiful sunset.  Puerto Vallarta is one of the most liberal cities in Mexico, having its own gay pride parade, and women police officers. Because there are many Americans and Canadians living in this town many of the locals know how to speak English. This town truly has some of the best restaurants you will find at any Mexican tourist destination. You can feel safe walking around this town day or night. Simply use the same caution you would use at home. You will enjoy Puerto Vallarta.

Along the eastern coast of Mexico near the top of the Yucatán Peninsula you will find the resort destination of Cancun. The resort area stretches along a barrier island which is connected to the mainland by bridges and forms a large lagoon. This area is known as the hotel zone. Here you will find many luxury resort hotels along the beach. The beach is a long Sandy white stretch that goes several miles along the hotel zone. Cancun is known for its late-night discos and fun activities. You’ll find plenty of water sports to enjoy as well as several shopping malls. The town has plenty of fine dining restaurants and if you go into the adjacent town of Cancun you will find wonderful local Mexican restaurants to enjoy. Many of the locals in this area speak English so you will have no problem getting around. Going south along the coast all the way to the resort town of Playa Del Carmen you will find what is known as the Riviera Maya. This stretch of coast is filled with beach resort hotels all the way from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen. Many of these resorts are all inclusive providing all your meals and drinks and activities. Many of these resorts offer a quiet romantic ambience for those who want to simply get away from it all.

VoyageMonkey staff visit these destinations regularly and always feel safe. If you need travel reservations for convenient flights and hotel accommodations to any destinations visit Travel.  You can book online or call our travel consultants who can assist you in planning your getaway.