River Cruises, The Hot New Travel Trend

River Cruises

River cruises have been around for a long time but recently they are gaining so much popularity among long-time cruisers and first-time newbies to the cruising world.  Europe and Asia are the most popular river cruise destinations right now.


Imagine checking into your hotel room and having that hotel room slowly travel down a navigable European river making stops in the center of cities and towns along the way.  Walk out the door in the morning and you’re in a new place, without packing & unpacking and the stress of traveling from place to place.  Sit on your private balcony and watch beautiful scenery go by.  No stresses of dealing with dining reservations, transportation, un-reputable tours, and the little details.  You’re able to enjoy multiple destinations in a relaxing manner.


The Rhine River and Danube River are the hot European river cruises with visits to fabulous cities such as Vienna, Budapest and Prague.  Popular Asia river cruises are the Yangtze River through China and the Mekong & Tonle Rivers in Cambodia and the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam.  The Yangtze cruise passes through the picturesque Three Gorges and other post-card landmarks.  It’s a very convenient way to see Asia since traveling in Asia can be very stressful to less experienced travelers.  It’s the best way to stay relaxed and enjoy a vacation intended to unwind you. 


It’s becoming easier these days to reserve your river cruise vacation with online travel booking websites which are now making more river cruises available online.  Recently there is a larger selection available and a lot of competition to bring prices down.  There are good floating hotels and bad floating hotels so don’t go by price alone.  Go with reputation.  Also consider the length of time.  It is helpful to compare your options on a price per day (per person) as well as a total.  Given a budget, it’s often better to go with a more luxurious cruise that is a few days less than the longer cheaper cruise.  Next vacation, think about a river cruise as an easy alternative way to see Europe or Asia.  Egypt is also a very popular river cruise destination that is gaining momentum.

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