Cruise to Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Cruise Vacation, Mexico

When it comes to cruising and taking in some great Mexican culture, there is no better cruise than the Pacific Coast of Mexico.  You have several fabulous cruise itineraries to choose from.  You can generally sail from Los Angeles, Long Beach or San Diego California.  Most sailings to the Southern Mexican ports, like Acapulco, will originate from San Diego.


From any of the three departure cities you can cruise to the popular ports of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas.  Southern ports, in addition to Acapulco, include Ixtapa –Zihuatanejo and Manzanillo.  These six Mexican port cities all offer plenty of traditional and contemporary culture, entertainment, dining, music, beaches, sports, and fun in the sun. 


You will find that the local people are very friendly and warm hearted.  You are a tourist and they love you.  It’s fun to talk to the locals and many of them do speak English, or some.  The local seafood, shipboard flare and flowing margaritas usually make for a great week aboard a cruise to Mexico.


On your ship you’ll usually find fine dining, multiple restaurants, multiple bars, cocktail lounges and entertainment lounges.  You can enjoy swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, gambling casino, live music, live theater, spa, salon, gymnasium, shops, and a multitude of onboard activities and shows.  The food is usually good to very good and served around the clock.  Food is usually included in the price of your cruise, but not drinks.


I’ve found that a sunny day on the sea relaxing on an open deck gazing out over endless ocean can really take you away from your stresses, at least for that moment.  A cruise along Mexico’s west coast is always a great way to take a vacation that is affordable, great value, and logistically easy, check-in, check-out.  Cruise lines have a very high repeat business for a reason.  Learn more about online travel booking your cruise vacation.

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