Costa Rica’s Tropical Playground

Guanacaste Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those fabulous tropical places that’s the perfect place to go on any budget.  Online travel booking to Costa Rica is easy and there are many vacation package deals that are easily affordable.  


It’s often much cheaper to go on vacation to Costa Rica than go on vacation inside the U.S. or Europe.  Many things and activities in Costa Rica are cheap.  You will find great low-cost restaurants with the best food and cheap drinks.  Shopping is even cheaper than dining and just the overall cost of living, compared to the United States and European countries, is much lower.  This is great news for travelers looking for great bargains on getting away.


So, when’s the best time to go to Costa Rica?   There are really only 2 seasons in Costa Rica: Dry and Wet.  Costa Rica is only 10 degrees north from the equator, making the climate hot mostly all year round.  The months from mid-November through the end of April are typically the dry months, and the high tourist season.  The remainder of the year is typically your rainy low-tourism season.  Also, spring break / Easter week is not the best time to go since it gets crowded and many establishments shut down.  


Costa Rica is the new hot-spot for eco-tourism.  Twenty-Three percent of Costa Rica is covered by national parks & forests.  The place is well known for the diversity of exotic plant life, animals, sea life etc.  It’s rated one of the best places in the world to Canopy Zip-line and you can enjoy white-water rafting the same day, all while taking in the spectacular rain forest, wildlife and exotic birds.  Outfitters specialized in this area and can take you to these places (Don’t wander is the Jungle).   You can arrange for hiking & biking adventures, as well as an assortment of aquatic activities like diving and fishing.


Your major resorts in Costa Rica are located in Guanacaste, along the Northern Pacific Coast.  You’ll find great resorts like the Four Seasons, JW Marriott, Melia, and all-inclusives like RIU and Barcelo.  One of the easiest ways to get to Guanacaste is to fly into the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia.   Taxis are pretty cheap and when you have a city official taxi, that’s the fastest, cheapest, and safest way of transportation. Getting around by bus is the slowest manner of transportation but you’ll find it to be scenic and cheap to get around locally. You could rent a car to drive but you need valid driver’s license plus a passport.  Usually you are required to get rental insurance.  The roads are not the best to drive.  If you are willing to spend a bit to save time, you could fly domestically on small aircraft and hop to different points in the country and cut your time of travel by road quite a bit.  This is a popular way of local travel among tourists.


Costa Rica is simply one of those mired now.  So, if you have plans to go on vacation soon and want to get a great value outside the United States or  Europe, there are many vacation package deals that are perfect for visiting Costa Rica.  This tropical paradise is the place to unwind, and you can get great deals.  Read more at .

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