6 Reasons to Visit Macau

6 Reasons to Visit Macau


Located on the southeast coast of China, Macau is a one-of-a-kind destination.  A renowned location for entertainment, culture, excitement and relaxation all at once, Macau is like no other place on Earth.  Boasting everything from incredible architecture, world class casinos, a thriving nightlife, and amazing food, Macau offers something for everyone.

Macau, a former Portuguese colony, is located on the coast of China not far from the fabled city of Hong Kong.  Macau boasts a warm, tropical climate, many centuries worth of history, and a wealth of attractions and historic landmarks.  The reasons to visit Macau are nearly limitless, but here are six of the top reasons to pay a visit to this exotic and beautiful city.

1. Casinos

Macau is famous throughout the world for its plethora of gambling establishments.  The city’s top gaming establishments include the famed Casino Lisboa, the Wynn Macau, the Sands Macau, the Venetian Macau, and the City of Dreams.  These establishments offer a wide array of gaming and entertainment opportunities for visitors.  OnlineCasinoBluebook.com is a great resource for gaming enthusiasts looking to visit Macau.

2. Restaurants

Macau’s amazing food is enough of a reason to visit.  Macau boasts a world class dining scene with a wide variety of both Western and Eastern cuisines to choose from.  Portuguese food is very common throughout the city, while authentic Chinese cuisine spots are also plentiful.

3. Nightlife

Macau is renowned for its top notch nightlife scene as well.  It boasts a vast array of clubs, bars, and lounges.  The Portuguese wine and Macau beer are not to be missed.

4. Museums

Macau is home to many world class museums such as the Macau Museum, the Taipa Houses Museum, and the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History.  History and culture buffs cannot pass on these spots.

5. History and Culture

A large portion of Macau has been deemed an UNESCO World Heritage site.  Top historical and cultural attractions include the Macau Heritage Walk, Sao Paulo Cathedral, and the city’s historic fortifications.

6. Shopping

The city is a shopper’s paradise.  Coloane Village and Taipa Village are two charming, historic districts filled with shops, while the mega-casinos and streets are filled to the brim with excellent shops, galleries, and boutiques.

With it’s unique culture, gambling scene that easily rivals that of Las Vegas, and fascinating fusion of East and West, Macau is truly a destination that can’t be passed up. 

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