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MOST POPULAR VACATION SPOTS (By Peter B. Diaz, Travel Consultant at Online Travel



With so many travel choices and online travel websites promoting cheap travel, it’s often hard to decide where to take that much deserved vacation.  Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a trip for the entire family, planning where to go on vacation can be a real chore.  VoyageMonkey.Com Online Travel Booking suggests you look into these top-four popular travel destination ideas:


Maui, Hawaii – This is our favorite vacation spot.  Warm weather and warm water make this ideal for beach goers.  It has some of the best beaches in the world.  The swimming, surfing, diving and snorkeling are excellent.  It’s in the United States so there is a sense of safety and English is the language.  This is a golfer’s heaven with its many championship golf courses.  Some of the world’s best hotel resorts are located here.  The restaurants serve the best Pacific-Rim cuisine.  An excellent travel choice for that family vacation.


Cancun, Mexico – If you want south of the border sunshine and beaches, Cancun is Mexico’s top resort destination.  World-class all-inclusive hotel resorts line the sandy white coast side.  There is a great nightlife here with many top nightclubs.  You’ll find everything from pyramids, deep-sea sport fishing and several aquatic theme parks that children will enjoy.  You’ll find an endless supply of your favorite water sports activities.  Shopping is a favorite pastime.  Enjoy the hospitable Mexican fiesta atmosphere or just relax and unwind in the sun.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – This is a great place for couples and families.  Centered around its luxury marina the town is modern and looks more like California-South.  You’ll find an abundant amount of water sports activities to fill your days and excellent nightclubs and dining to fill your evenings.  Enjoy the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez.  The beaches are excellent and the water is warm.  Enjoy a peach sunset over the southern tip of Baja California while sipping a cold Margarita.  Cabo makes for a great relaxing getaway.


Cruise Vacation – Why not enjoy multiple destinations and check into your hotel room only once.  A family cruise is the best vacation value around.  All your food is included and the entertainment on the ships is endless.  You’ll find casinos, live music, pools, spa & fitness centers, dancing, shopping and more.  All you need is right there on the ship.  Childrens’ day camps are generally offered.  Visit destinations in Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.  When in port, enjoy your choice of many shore excursion activities or just relax at the beach.  A cruise is your best vacation value around.


Always remember, your vacation is your reward to yourself for your hard work.  Pick a vacation you deserve, where you can unwind and relax.  Read more about these vacation ideas at VoyageMonkey.Com.  Check out www.VoyageMonkey.Com for further travel suggestions and vacation travel deals.


Author Bio:  Peter B. Diaz is President & CEO of VoyageMonkey.Com Online Travel & Event Bookings.  www.VoyageMonkey.Com Online Travel & Event Bookings provides discounted online travel and vacation bargains as well as excellent travel articles and reviews.  Find hotels, flights, cruises, vacation packages and more at http://www.VoyageMonkey.Com


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